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Urgently Needed the following businesses for immediate cash buyers.

(Received over 300 inquiries for the following businesses in the past few months).


Machine Shops anywhere in Ontario

Food manufacturing companies

Service businesses

Senior residences – placement agencies

Any type of manufacturing or distribution businesses

Transport companies

Pharmaceutical products (manufacturing or distribution)

Day care and kids related businesses up to Price $500,000

Printing, Signs, Screen printing or Embroidery businesses

Food related: Fish and Chips, 5 day cafes,

Pubs in Oakville, Burlington area

See below some specific requests from our Buyers.

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Client # : 6-2116

Wanted: Daycare to Buy or daycare space for Lease with zoning.

Prefer location that had previously been use for daycare.

Location: GTA

Price: $200,000

Client # : 6-2115

Wanted: Commercial Fabrics, Window coverings

Looking for a Fabric and/or window covering business, ideally focusing on the commercial market as well, with experienced staff on board. The location could be in .

Location: GTA or 30-45 minutes around

Price: up to $500,000

Client # : 6-2114

Wanted: Established Senior Home-Care Business

Must have good reputation within market, consistent cash flow and realistic opportunity to grow. With or without property.

Location: West side of GTA.

Price: Open

Client # : 6-2113

Wanted: Any type of online businesses

Seeking for any type of online businesses, must be established and profitable.
Sectors: service, wholesale, distribution, etc.

Location: Anywhere in Canada

Price range up to : $300,000

Client # : 6-2112

Wanted: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution Business

Preferably business to business dealings and have existing client base. Must have growth potential and able to scale into international markets. Seller must be someone who believes in its business and able to provide training for at least 6 months.
We can also consider owner staying part-time for extended period. Please contact via email or phone.

Location: Greater Toronto Area or close to Toronto

Price: Open

Client # : 6-2111

Wanted: Warehousing & Distribution Business
Seeking a warehousing and distribution company that can be relocated in our Mississauga building. We wish to add to our existing operation which we specialize in the importing and distribution of auto, health, and electrical products from Asia. We have more than 30 years of experience in this market. We are not looking for a partnership.

Location: Mississauga

Price: $300,000

Client # : 6-2110

Wanted: Commercial Kitchen – Catering Business

We are looking for a commercial kitchen with approx. 3,000-3,400 sq. ft. and retail zoning for 600 sq.ft. in the front end. Preferably in the GTA area. Would also consider partnering up with the right existing business for a good business model developed.

Location: Toronto

Price: up to $200,000

Client # : 5-0020

Wanted : Partner for Carwash-Detailing business.

Prime hand car wash and detailing location in a flagship GTA mall with over 6000 parking spots servicing high-end clients. Looking for a hands-on working partner to invest $75k-$99k for a share in the business. Potential to make up to $70k+ a year and build equity. Owner has 15+ years’ experience in the business and can provide the necessary training

Price : $75K-99K

Client #:5-0018

Wanted : Flooring Products related business.

I am looking for some business related to trading and contracting mainly in flooring products.

Location :Ontario

Price : up to $400,000

Client # : 5-001

Wanted : Animal feed supplements

We are looking for some business related to manufacturing /Distribution of Dairy & Animal feed Supplements and Medicines/Vaccines etc

Location :Ontario or elsewhere

Price : up to $800,000

Client #: 4-0011

Wanted: Trades- Service business

Interested in purchasing a company in one of the following areas. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Alarm/Fire Protection, Mechanical Services or Facilities Maintenance. Also willing to work with existing owner on a slow transition if necessary.

Location: Open

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0016

Wanted: Technology-Biotechnology- Remediation Business

Seeking a technology/biotechnology/remediation business in water, soil, environment, microbiology or chemistry. Prefer the above-mentioned areas; however, open to a laboratory, environmental consulting, and other technology-based businesses. Must be growth oriented, profitable with solid cash flow and revenue. Will consider transition over a few years or partnership leading to majority ownership.

Price : up to $600,000

Client #: 4-0001

Wanted: Movie Theatre

Looking to buy a movie theatre anywhere in the GTA and vicinity (as far north as Barrie, as far west as Kitchener, and as far east as Oshawa). Ideally, the theatre would be in operation (as opposed to vacated).

Location: Ontario

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0009

Wanted: Catering Company or location for a catering company in Oakville.

Location: Oakville

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0007

Wanted: Health food store, wholesale or retail

Location: GTA Price: $200,000

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0006

Wanted: Transportation or freight brokerage business

Location: Ontario

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0005

Wanted: Electronics recycling sector (E-Waste) or related businesses

Location: Ontario

Price: Open

Client #: 4-0015

Wanted: Recruitment company – Corporate Training

I am search for a recruitment company that is in line of providing corporate training courses to employees or a recruitment company. Note although the above is my the primary target but I am not excluding companies that has the above as part of its activity a long as its a relatively consireable part of its business. Location: Ontario

Price: Open

Client #:

3-0016 Looking to purchase or invest in building material manufacturing sector, preferably bricks

3-0017 Looking for Service businesses (Seniors service, Rehabilitation, Special education school, Pharmacy)

3-0018 Looking for Montessori Schools in the GTA price up to $500,000

3-0019 Looking for Health Food Store anywhere in the GTA

3-0020 Looking for Daycares and Private Colleges anywhere in the GTA

3-0021 Looking for profitable on-line E-commerce business.

3-0022 Looking for Wholesale Bakery or Cake Manufacturing business

3-0023 Looking for Wireless dealership anywhere in Ontario

3-0024 Interested to buy an established and running Travel Agency in Mississauga, Brampton or GTA

3-0025 Looking for Cafe Catering inside medical building around Toronto and Durham region

3-0026 Looking for small to mid size Hair Salons in Mississauga

3-0027 Looking for a Banquet Hall for sale/lease in Etobicoke or Mississauga

3-0028 Looking to buy any Janitorial Businesses for sale in Southern Ontario.

3-0029 Looking to purchase Automotive Business to compliment our present company (repairs body shop)

in Burlington or Oakville area

3-0030 Looking to buyany Medical or Dentist Lab any price or location

3-0031 Looking for a Gas Station to buy

3-0032 Looking for Indoor Playground business for sale in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the immediate areas surrounding these cities

3-0033 Looking for Post Office with or without card/variety store

3-0034 Looking forestablished, profitable Spa in Oakville /Burlington area

3-0035 Looking for Light Manufacturing or any product that has a rental or lease portfolio

Client #:3-0036

Wanted: Manufacturing Business

I am currently looking to buy a small to medium sized business. I am looking for something preferably in the manufacturing sector, however I am open to other business opportunities as well. Ideally the business would have under 10 employees, with a revenue stream, but the opportunity to grow. I have up to $500,000 that I am able to invest and am looking at buying a business immediately.

Location: Ontario

Price: $500,000 +

Client #:3-0037

Wanted: Promotional Manufacturing Business

Embroidery, Silk Screening, etc with normalized income of $100,000 + The Company should be growth oriented with an established Clientele.

Location: Ontario

Price: $200,000 to $400,000

Client #:3-0040

Wanted: Food Distribution Business

Established Ontario Food Distribution company wants to buy similar businesses in Ontario. They supply restaurants, hotels, day cares, nursing homes, etc. with consumables: frozen, fresh, dry, refrigerated, produce, dairy, etc. They have several branches each location has resident minority owner so the current owner could stay on in partnership with large industry leader.

Location: Southern Ontario, GTA

Price : Open

Client #:3-0053

Wanted: Interested in purchasing a Logistics firm involved in transportation, Distribution, Warehousing, and

Third Party Logistics. Looking for a business with assets in material handling equipment as opposed to a fleet of trucks..

Location: Any

Price: $5 to $10 Million.

Client #: 3-0074

Wanted: construction-related business for sale, such as: Contracting firms

Building product manufacturing

Professional services (planning, architecture, engineering) Steel detailing and/or metal fabricating

Hardware store

Equipment sales – new and used

Equipment repair

Location: Any

Price: Open

Client #:3-0064

Wanted: Seeking businesses with annual revenues of approx $1m to $10 million; must be profitable, with solid cash flow, and consistent customer base in the following industries: A griculture, Engineering, Food- wholesale, Leisure products, Manufacturing, Services, Tech and media, Wholesale and distribution, Care homes, Health food manufacturing, Health care products, Architectural products such as wood products, doors, windows, lighting, moldings,Renovation,Construction, Heavy duty truck industry – not trucking company

Location: Any

Price: Open

Client #: 3-0076

Wanted to acquire a durable goods import/distribution company. Ideally this company would have exclusive lines with revenues from $1-$5 million. Printing and graphics clients would be complimentary

Location: Any

Price: Open

Client #:3-0044

Wanted: Private Career College with the following requirements:

College must be registered & approved as a Private Career College with the Ontario Ministry of Education

College must own 3 or more Ministry approved Diploma programmes

College must be making a profit

College must have 20 or more full time students

Location: GTA

Price: open

See other requests from buyers for various Businesses:

  • Banquet Facility
  • Software company.
  • Any profitable business in manufacturing or in the service industry. Video store, fast food
  • Convenience store or Dollar store
  • Meat/food processing
  • Metal Fabrication Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer, creams, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, etc. Distributors Wholesale.
  • Daycare & building – established business and still working
  • Auto repairs, detailing, accessories, cleaning, glass etc.
  • Convenience store or video store, good sales, location. Profit min.$5,000/mth. Convenience store with 6/49 in Mississauga area
  • 9 hole golf course
  • Retirement Home business
  • Small electronics manufacturing company, may be buying the product or building it. Property management Business
  • Tennis facilities in Toronto area. Indoor facility with outdoor courts
  • Retail Gift or Greeting Card Shop
  • News/magazines/smoke/ gift store in GTA (prefer office tower or hotel ). Franchise fast food or franchise coffee shop
  • Small computer repair depot
  • Coffee Shop, Smoke Shop 9 to 5 business hour and 5 days a week, easy operation
  • Vending route Coffee, water pop and snacks. Convenience store
  • Trucking / Courier / Delivery
  • Woodworking manufacturing preferably kitchens
  • Health related field, either Health foods/supplements or Health care. Coin laundry business in the Etobicoke, Mississauga or Brampton area. Small manufacturing or Industrial sales/distribution.
  • Lottery kiosk in Toronto downtown or Mississauga area. Prefer a mall. Print/copy businesses form West Toronto to Burlington.
  • Wendy’s or Tim Horton’s in the GTA area. Engineering & trading Business
  • Machine shops, manufacturing niche products,
  • Small Retail business, fast-food, coffee shop, bakery in Halton, Hamilton region. Vitamin company (manuf./distributing, companies that deal with skin care products. Small manufacturing or processing operation (cosmetics, beauty supplies)
  • Service or distribution prefer automotive related Wholesale, importing, exporting business. Restaurant/bar or catering business Manufacturing preferably in the food business
  • Fast food, gas station with convenience store, coffee shop location
  • Industrial Sales location: Toronto/50 KM
  • Gas Station/Franchise location: Ontario, British Columbia (Urban Areas)
  • Motel with at least 25 rooms or bigger in Mississauga/Brampton/Toronto area. Metal processing, fabricated metal ware
  • Toronto area turning/milling center, punching Machine/press, welding equipment Auto parts (imports, distribution, wholesale) location: GTA and nearing locations Dry cleaning, 3 pick up stations
  • Parking lot location: downtown or GTA
  • Property Management Company servicing the Greater Toronto Area
  • Travel agency Location: Toronto, and surrounding area
  • Coin Operated Car wash, Laundry Mat 30 Min of Oakville, coin operated
  • Golf driving range anywhere in Ontario Injection molding plant, GTA, with customers Clothing Manufacturing, Furniture Manufacturing,
  • Packaging company, in either foods or liquid detergents bottle packaging, etc. Child care, Maids Supply or Old peoples home.
  • Health & Fitness Club, location: Ontario, preferably Windsor, Sarnia, Hotel in Toronto (airport or highway location preferred)
  • Picture Framing Business
  • Printing-Packaging-Plastic.
  • Tax loss companies in the 3-5 million range. It must be Internet related. Lock, security and maintenance company to Multi building.
  • Income tax return business. Investment and location open. Chemical manufacture, Distributor, Import/Export
  • Small electronic manufacturing Co.
  • Automobile related business within 30 mile radius of Woodstock
  • Banquette hall in Mississauga area.

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